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Sounds & Flavours

Hi! I’m a Lisbon based guy with a craving for great songs and amazing food! Here, I’ll show you songs you should know, review restaurants and bars and explore a lot of cool recipes you can try at home! Click to subscribe

Food to take to the beach

26.05.20 | Sounds & Flavours | comments
The sun is shining, the weather is hot and the waves are crashing on the sand! With a lot of precautions, it’s time to go to the beach! With the pandemic still present in our lives, it is very important to have the security of where we are going to sunbathe and what to (...)

Home delivery food apps

12.05.20 | Sounds & Flavours | comments
Food apps are becoming an essential part of our everyday life. Whether we’re looking for new and tasty recipes or the ability to order food without leaving home or even booking a table at a restaurant, there’s no denying that technology is now an intricate part of the (...)