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Sounds & Flavours

Hi! I’m a Lisbon based guy with a craving for great songs and amazing food! Here, I’ll show you songs you should know, review restaurants and bars and explore a lot of cool recipes you can try at home! Click to subscribe

James Blake - Instagram concert

26.03.20 | Sounds & Flavours | comments
With quarantine in effect in most countries, the only thing we can be grateful is the possibilities the internet gave us to be connected. A great number of artists are doing Instagram lives. From Erykah Badu to Foals to Nicolas Jaar, there's amazing music out there but the (...)

Playlist to hear while you Stay The Fuck Home!

23.03.20 | Sounds & Flavours | comments
These have been some hard weeks, right? With the pandemic from Covid-19, the planet has been put on hold and governments all around the world are rushing to try to minimize damages.  But the most effective weapons are in our hands, literally. Stay home, don't go out (...)

Stay safe at home! Music is coming to you!

17.03.20 | Sounds & Flavours | comments
These are troubling times. With the pandemic for Covid-19 the world is on standby. Everything is changing rapidly but there's one thing you always gotta have in mind: your safety. By keeping yourself safe, you're also protecting others. We live in a community so we must (...)