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Sounds & Flavours

Hi! I’m a Lisbon based guy with a craving for great songs and amazing food! Here, I’ll show you songs you should know, review restaurants and bars and explore a lot of cool recipes you can try at home! Click to subscribe

Stay safe at home! Music is coming to you!

17.03.20 | Sounds & Flavours


These are troubling times.

With the pandemic for Covid-19 the world is on standby. Everything is changing rapidly but there's one thing you always gotta have in mind: your safety. By keeping yourself safe, you're also protecting others. We live in a community so we must think about others as part of our big family.

I believe we're going to have a couple of difficult months ahead and we have to keep our hopes up. I'm working at home, doing my part, trying not to get bored or crazy. Do the same and keep safe.

If there's one thing that can lift up a soul is music. So a lot of Portuguese artists joined forces and are transmitting online concerts from the 17th March to 22th March. You can catch the concerts in their respective Instagrams. 

Just click here: Festival Eu Fico Em Casa

In the midst of chaos, we can try to make everything a little bit better.