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Sounds & Flavours

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Quarantine concerts | Branko - Live in Lisbon (2020)

28.05.20 | Sounds & Flavours


We've been cooped up at home for over two months. From one moment to the next, life seemed to stop and we had to deal with a harsh reality that forced us to change behaviors, emotions, and even ways of seeing life.

So when we were released it was as if we could breathe again. We went back to see the people we love, the city that welcomes us, the culture we are part of.

It was with this feeling that Branko gave us energy with an amazing DJ set, focused on the city of Lisbon, on a rooftop between the Estrela Basilica and the Tagus River.

It's 42 minutes of musical freedom that we haven't felt since February.

"After two months of using my living room as a stage it was amazing to finally be able to go out again, with the proper precautions, to perform in the streets of the city that has always been my greatest source of inspiration. This declaration of love comes at a time when, due to the months of confinement we just went through, I have a computer full of new music ready to be shared over the next few weeks," explained Branko.