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16.05.19 | Sounds & Flavours

PASTA NON BASTA - Avenida Elias Garcia, 180 B (S. Sebastião), Lisboa

For many years in Lisbon, pizzerias dominated the gastronomic scene of the city. A little bit everywhere, Italian restaurants were born with different quality of food, at clearly exaggerated prices. The offer was increased and increased to the point of making it impossible to differentiate the restaurants. Worse, the quality of food declined and pizzerias lost space for the new fashion of hamburgers and Japanese food.

However, in recent years, this trend has changed again. Good Italian restaurants have returned, rewarding quality ingredients, good cooks, spaces renewed and appealing from social networks.

One such space is the Pasta Non-Basta. Located near the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, it has become one of my favorite places to eat good pasta in Lisbon. Bizarre as I am with the food and with the taste of the dishes, I was curious to know if they would match the expectations. Anyone who knows me, knows that talking to me about carbonara, is halfway to get in the car and go eat a plate without thinking twice.

The restaurant has a takeaway service, facing the street, where the pizzas oven is located. At the entrance, they have a small grocery space with various products that are used daily and from there, high tables for two people and beyond that, a room where each table takes four people. The decoration meets Italian motifs, mixed with different and attractive graphic elements.


I sat at one of the tables at the entrance and began to peek at the list. It's not very extensive - which is good - and has traditional as well as other bold dishes, so the choice turns out to be relatively simple. The pizzas - made in a wood oven - are varied and honestly, the ones I saw hanging out on other tables, had excellent aspects. I choose a carbonara because nothing beats a carbonara. I'm a classic! The fresh, tasty, well-seasoned pasta with a different flavored sauce won me off at the first bite. This is where you see the above-average quality of Pasta Non-Basta.

There's an attention to the preparation of the dishes and there's talent in the kitchen. That makes all the difference. They make the pasta in the restaurant. Where do you find this nowadays?

I went there for lunch, on a working week, and it wasn't too crowded, although it can get a bit crowded on weekends, as it should. It was quite affordable, as far as the price was concerned, and even if it had been a bit more expensive, that was no problem. I think I paid about € 15 with drinks.

Easily, Pasta Non-Basta is in my top three Italian restaurants in Lisbon. I strongly advise to try it!