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Sounds & Flavours

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Name a Track | Leonor Vasconcelos

15.04.20 | Sounds & Flavours


She's a lawyer. She's a singer. She's my girlfriend.

The last one is the most important but I won't get into that. Leonor Vasconcelos really loves music and has a vast musical knowledge spanning entire decades to more alternative artists. She has a thing for Portuguese and Brazilian music so it's no wonder some of her choices revolve around great lyrics and typical rhythms.


That reminds you of someone

This song reminds me not just of one person, but of my family. It’s reminded me of them for as long I can remember, and it reflects the way I’ve been taught to look at life. It always makes me feel a little bit better about things.


That reminds you of a place


That turns you on


You listen when you’re sad


You listen with your friends

Ever since I came across this song for the first time, I’ve never missed a chance to show it to any of my friends who have not yet heard it. None of them have disliked it so far. It’s become an anthem for me and there aren’t many friend gatherings with music involved where I fail to play this one.


That pumps you up for a night out


That goes well with a glass of wine

This song on the speakers and a glass of red wine by the fireplace, on a winter’s night. Can’t think of anything better.


That’s been with you since your quarantine


You wish you had written

I have endless love and admiration for this song and the artist who wrote it. The lyrics touch me in such a meaningful way I can’t help but wish I had written them myself.


You haven’t seen performed live


By your favorite artist

I can’t really say that I have an all-time favorite artist or band. I probably have a handful of them, and they usually vary according to where I am in my life and what I listen to the most. In the past year or so, Bon Iver has been one of the artists I’ve listened to most often, so it’s only fair that I choose one of his songs. This is my favorite Bon Iver song.


You’re going to listen when the quarantine is over