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Home delivery food apps

12.05.20 | Sounds & Flavours

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Food apps are becoming an essential part of our everyday life. Whether we’re looking for new and tasty recipes or the ability to order food without leaving home or even booking a table at a restaurant, there’s no denying that technology is now an intricate part of the food industry.

Below are some awesome apps that I use constantly and I believe every foodie must have on their phone.


CookerPan - Launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, in this app amateur chefs are the ones who cook the dishes that end up on your table. The aim of the project is to help these users to sell their dishes, but also to make them available to all those who are looking for new gastronomic experiences and like to eat homemade meals. It's a great way to support cooks who can't work during this pandemic. Deliveries can be made by the cooks themselves or by customers who come directly to your home.


Brunchhh - A brunch without leaving the house? Why not? This is the concept behind Brunchhh. The app brings together some of Lisbon's finest restaurants that serve brunch. You can book the meal, leave comments, give star ratings, and have access to all schedules and information. The goal is to reach more cities during the coming months.


UberEats - Is probably the best known and most used app. With over 200 restaurants and operating nationwide, UberEats stands out for its ease of use and an enormous variety of choices. It has constant discounts like 2x1 or meals without a fixed delivery fee. Available for iOs or Android.


Glovo - It's very simple: you choose the restaurant, the courier picks up your order and delivers it where you tell him. Besides food, you can basically ask to drop (almost) everything you need. The delivery rate is around 1.90 euros on average, but it depends on the order and the distance to go and pay by credit card or through an online payment website.


Sendeat - This home delivery service has three hundred restaurants and a team of over two hundred couriers. The deliveries are available for some parts of Lisbon, Porto, Matosinhos, Gaia, Braga, and Aveiro. After ordering and payment on the website, you can follow the progress of the delivery.


Comer em casa - Like its competitors, Comer em Casa works through a partnership with the restaurants you have on your list. Just order and wait "at most 60min" for the food to arrive at your table.