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The Chef Show

25.06.19 | Sounds & Flavours


It was in 2014 that Jon Favreau starred and directed the incredible and unassuming film Chef, which counted on the essential advice of Roy Choi, who was also executive produced for the film. The well-known chef who created the Kogi food truck was the real inspiration for the film's main character - Carl - a successful chef who decided to quit a glamorous job at a famous restaurant and create a food truck with his son and best friend to retrieve his sense of freedom and creativity in the kitchen. In a way, Chef is an autobiographical film.

From the artistic union of the two, a true friendship was created, that went beyond the cinema.


The passion for food united them on a new trip, this time on Netflix with The Chef Show - Netflix. I enjoyed a weekend at home and saw the first season in a heartbeat and I can assure you: it's one of the best gastronomic series on Netflix. The show runs away from the usual trends in which the viewer sees someone cook and taste each of the dishes and instead places two friends in a kitchen, with or without guests, cooking varied dishes from different cultures. It's a simple expression of pleasure for food.


Mistakes do happen and are remedied, there are doubts about portions, there is the possibility of having too much spice. It's a reality. This truthful insight gives us a sensitive look at the show, removing it from the pedestals of gastronomy.
After all, we are just seeing two people cooking.

Throughout the season, Jon and Roy go to other kitchens in other restaurants where they learn new techniques and concepts, cook for guests and sample delicious dishes made by others. They also count on visits of famous people like Robert Downey JrRobert Rodriguez, and Gwyneth Paltrow.


It was a real pleasure to watch The Chef Show. As the two friends say "making a meal is about more than just-food. It's about appreciating friends, family, and tradition. An opportunity to come together. To learn, to share and to celebrate different flavors, cultures, and people".


06.06.19 | Sounds & Flavours

Alecrim no Prato - Rua da Junqueira, 207 1300-338, Lisboa

Belém. One of the most visited neighborhoods of Lisbon by tourists and considered one of the most special places to live in Lisbon, because of green spaces, good houses, and quality of life in general.

Being a tourist spot, there are dozens of restaurants in this area, with the most varied menus and of course, prices. Eating in an area with a lot of tourism is synonymous with prices above average and not always a desirable quality.

Now that I have Zomato Gold, I've taken the chance to risk a little more in restaurants and the most recent was the Alecrim no Prato. Located on Rua da Junqueira, I've seen this place already and had the idea that it was a typical Portuguese tavern, with the usual menu of food, with nothing to stand out. I was quite mistaken.

Alecrim no Prato is a restaurant dedicated to Portuguese and Italian dishes. I don't know why it appears on Zomato as a vegetarian restaurant. The menu is not very big but it's a bit confusing because they bet a lot of pasta and pizzas but the meat is made with Portuguese and some Indian recipes. Fish dishes are also governed by the Portuguese culinary laws, with an avant-garde touch. That confused me a bit.

As I had dinner with my parents, we took advantage of three different dishes. For starters, one of my favorites: veal carpaccio. I think no entrance satisfies me more and when it's good, it sets the mood for the rest of the meal and here, it didn't disappoint. The meat was very tasty and the seasoning was on the point, not overflooded with oil.

My father bet on a linguini nero with shrimp, my mother on a steak grilled with vegetables and I chose steak with rosemary and sparkling champagne sauce. Of all the dishes my steak was the best. The quality of the meat was very good and the cooking time was on point. When I used the knife, it felt like I was cutting butter. The sparkling champagne sauce gave it an interesting flavor, unusual in the steaks in Lisbon, without tasting too of the alcoholic beverage. My mother's steak was on the spot as well but it was the sprouts that won the prize. They were wonderful. The linguini, I found it normal. Well, seasoned, with enough prawns, cooked al dente.

The restaurant was an interesting surprise and I ended up experiencing a meal completely different from what I was expecting. The owner and the staff are very attentive and helpful, which always adds positive points to the dining experience.


In general, if you go to the MAAT - Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia or stroll around Belém, take the opportunity and try this place.