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Hi! I’m a Lisbon based guy with a craving for great songs and amazing food! Here, I’ll show you songs you should know, review restaurants and bars and explore a lot of cool recipes you can try at home! Click to subscribe


25.03.19 | Sounds & Flavours


Quotidiano - Largo das Fontainhas 7, Alcântara, Lisboa

In recent times, the district of Alcântara has become one of the most hipster areas of the city of Lisbon. The opening of LXFactory and the Village Underground Lisboa set the tone for a much-needed change of image of one of the capital's worst-rated neighborhoods.

With this transition, new spaces have emerged and others have been renovated, while at the same time it's still possible to find the typical Portuguese atmosphere, if you want to.

One of the spaces that were renovated was Quotidiano. I think it used to be a regular restaurant, with no major emphasis on food or decor. The important change I spoke about earlier was essential for the survival of the space to this day.


The main feeling you get when you enter the restaurant is that it is a well-decorated and bright place, with a large room where the tables are well laid out. It has a bohemian aspect without being too fancy. The restaurant has a second floor which also retains the cool look and is more friendly for group dinners.

It should be said that Quotidiano is a restaurant directed for dinners with more than four people, with several menu options at different prices. If you accept that, then you can have a good time. If you're thinking of a dinner for two, maybe it's not the best option due to the noise that usually comes with group dinners.


As for the food, the cod has a prominent role in the menu. Of the three times I've eaten there, I chose the cod on two occasions and I was not disappointed although I wasn't surprised either. Once, I ate cod fillet with buckwheat and another time cod lagareiro style, one of my favorite dishes. I also tried the pork loin stuffed with farinheira with mashed potatoes and spinach.


The point is that the food, although it sounds charismatic when we see the menu, is not so different from what we can eat somewhere else. In my opinion, the fact that they target group dinners makes the kitchen less worried about the confection of each dish and that removes some flair to the food.


I won't say that you don't eat well here. But when I go to a restaurant, I always have the food as the center of the experience and in this restaurant, I feel that it falls short of the expected, as if they give more importance to the appearance than to the taste.


Kitchen Sounds #2

20.03.19 | Sounds & Flavours


You can now hear our #2 playlist, trought Spotify. We mixed it up with some hip-hop, alternative indie and electronic sounds. It's a perfect playlist for a picnic in the park, on a sunny day! Tell us what you think and don't forget to follow us in our Spotify page. #soundsandflavours #KitchenSounds #spotify


18.03.19 | Sounds & Flavours

By The Wine - José Maria da Fonseca - Rua das Flores 41, 1200-193 Lisboa

Founded in 1834, José Maria da Fonseca is one of the leaders in wine production and its brands are present in more than 70 countries. The name of the brand is associated with quality and pleasure when it comes to wines.

By the Wine is one of the most trendy spots in the city of Lisbon, located in Chiado, where the excellent quality of the wines is mixed with well-made traditional Portuguese food, wrapped in an amazing decoration inspired by a wine cellar ambiance.

I started attending this space a few years ago when I went to an after-work drink with my best friend. In a short time, it became our space of choice to get the conversation up to date. When you enter the restaurant, it's the decoration that captivates the view, with bottles covering the ceiling (we are talking about more than 3000 bottles). The huge counter where we sit can be traced back to Portuguese traditions and it's where you should sit while snacking on something. The restaurant is quite large with two large rooms, which means it's rare that you can't sit down to eat.

Obviously, the wines are the jewels of the house, with a huge range of options, always with the usual quality of José Maria da Fonseca. Whether it's red, rosé or white, you sure will not be disappointed.
If you are a wine lover then it is essential to visit this space.

As for the food, as incredible as it may sound, it's not overpriced. The first thought might be "I'm in this incredible place and I bet every dish will cost an eye". Not really. The menu is affordable and not unlike prices charged at other trendy restaurants. Over the years, I have tried several things and I highlight the steak carpaccio, codfish salad, roast beef sandwich (the best I have ever eaten) and roasted octopus.
Each dish is made with warmth and quality, letting the Portuguese root appear, at the same time as it has a modern look.
The cheese and ham boards are also to try! They come hand in hand with the wines!

By The Wine is really a captivating space, well located, where you can eat and drink without haste, with an above-average quality but always at considerable prices. This conjugation of all this is the trademark of space. The quality of service and the friendliness of the employees helps to end the experience with a golden key. Recently, I went to a restaurant for dinner and due to the poor organization of it, I ended up leaving without eating or paying. I phoned By The Wine - it was really close to the time of closing - and asked if they had places and not only they reserved two seats as they assured me that they would serve me and my girlfriend whatever we wanted, even if it was past closing time.

That's how you make a foodie like me very happy.



07.03.19 | Sounds & Flavours



The Mill - Rua do Poço dos Negros, 1 (Santa Catarina), Lisboa

The Mill is one of the most talked coffee shops in Poço dos Negros and I took advantage of a Sunday afternoon to confirm if the hype was real. Although I don't follow social media trends, I had already been told that the food was really worth it, just like the vibe you get when you spend an afternoon there. So I picked up the computer - since I had to work - and went with my girlfriend to The Mill.

The first feeling came as soon as we entered. The smell of freshly baked cakes, coffee and fresh food coming out of the kitchen left little doubt that we had chosen the right place. The sympathy of the employee who received us with a smile was also a sign that the thing could go very well. Built with the concept of a coffee shop by Australian and Portuguese owners, The Mill has the vibe of the kind of space we could find in London or New York but which retains Portuguese traits.


We went for brunch and sat down at the counter in the storefront which overlooks the street. It is undoubtedly the best place. We can be eating and seeing a city in movement and meet the gaze of curious look by tourists who pass or of lisboetas that make their day to day routines.


We ordered a toast of avocado, piri piri, lime and chives and a breakfast menu with toasted bread with layers of spinach, tomato, shallots, and mushrooms, topped with a starry egg and chorizo.


While we waited, we took the opportunity to ask to pass the wifi and find a plug to turn on the computer. The space was full but without being confusing or annoying. There was no stress or haste.


The food came in a short time, in dishes designed by one of the owners who sought inspiration from his travels around the world. There is an aesthetic in The Mill that seduces who enters there. Without being too thoughtful for social networks, it has a class/simplicity that makes it appealing. Maybe that's where the feeling comes from being in a room in the house of a close friend.

The food was great with the flavors and the fresh ingredients. There is special care with what comes out of the kitchen, of course. We practically had lunch and lunched and finished with a great carob cake.

Curiously, the music that played on The Mill's columns also made the experience even more enjoyable. Between Fat Freddy's Drop, Themba, JungleBlack CoffeeTa-ku the trend was the chillout and the lo-fi beats, perfect for a Sunday afternoon where you do not want to be running. The intention is to enjoy the moment and let the head relax. In this regard, a good musical selection is essential.


The next visit will be to enjoy the happy hour - between 5pm and 7pm on weekdays - and try some wines.